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To support the NHGRI Education Week, we have opened the PGRN Tool Kit to the public June 06-11. Click on the categories below to see the resources available to PGRN members. Join PGRN


Pharmacogenomics research increasingly requires a broad set of tools and resources to aid in the analysis and interpretation of data. The PGRN Education Committee has curated set of resources and tools that will help you with data analysis related to pharmacogenomics research and related fields.The Tool Kit is available to Members and can be found in the Members Only section.

To recommend new tools, please email your recommendation to: info@pgrn.org



Chair:               Kelly Caudle
Co-Chair:         Laura Ramsey

Members:        Billy Murphy
                         Ben Kong
                         Jill Bates
                         Chakradhara Uppugunduri

                         Axel Baez-Torres

Emily Cicali

                         Kevin Hicks
                         David Kisor

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