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Human Variations Databases

These databases archive or display results on genetic variations (germline or somatic) in different population cohorts.

1000 Genomes

The 1000 Genomes Project contains the largest public catalogue of human variation and genotype data


Ancient Genome Browser

Genome browser comparing the genome of the Neandertal sequences to the human genome



Allele frequency data on 463 million variants from 62,784 deeply sequenced human genomes

China National GeneBank Databases

China National GeneBank DataBases (CNGBdb) is a unified platform for biological big data sharing and application service, which provides a variety of services including convenient submission and storage, automatic archive and management, full retrieval and download, intelligent computing, and visualization of biological data.



Database with annotation of short genetic variations in genomes of the human and other organisms



This browser contains variant frequency data from high throughput DNA sequencing from electronic health records for discovery of genetic variation important for human disease and therapeutic response


Exome Variant Server

This browser contains variant frequency data from exome sequencing data from variety of well-phenotyped populations to make summary data available for scientific community


gnomAD browser

This browser contains variant frequency data from exome and genome sequencing data from variety of large-scale sequencing projects of various diseases to make summary data available for scientific community



This genotype to Mendelian phenotype browser allow searches of rare variants from exome sequencing data linked to phenotypic information


Genome Asia

This browser contains variant frequency data from whole genome sequencing data from 100,000 Asia



Multiple public variant databases exist where each database is studying a different cohort and providing different types of output. MARRVEL allows users to search multiple public variant databases simultaneously and provides a unified interface to facilitate the search process.


Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP)

Genotype or sequencing data from 1063 lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCLs) from 1050 individuals in 52 world populations


Pediatric Cancer Genome Project

Access to genomic data for pediatric cancers


Reich Laboratory Medical and Population Genetics

Datasets available for download from published paper of the Reich Laboratory focusing on medical and population genetics



This browser contains exome sequencing data of 82 pharmacogenomic genes from 8,429 individual


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