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Scientific Program Committee

Mission Statement: To develop scientific programming for the annual meeting, monthly Research in Progress webinars and other programs as needed.

Co-Chair:     Marisa Medina
Co-Chair:     Deanna Kroetz

Members:   Keito Hoshitsuki
                     Doug Fowler
                     Michelle Whirl-Carillo
                     Charlie Paulding
                     Jatinder Lamba
                     Folefac Aminkeng
Stephanie Huang
                     Collen Masimirembwa (Ex-Officio)

Developing Countries & Global PGx Committee

Mission Statement: To serve to stimulate research, education and practice of PGx. This will be done through  building capacity for PGx research, promoting research through fostering networking, building critical mass of PGx knowledgeable communities  through educational programs and creating stakeholder awareness through advocacy.

Chair:           Collen Masimirembwa

Members:   Mohamed Nagy - Africa/Middle East Region
                     Luis Quinones - S.America Region
                     Lay Kek Teh - Southeast Asia Region
                     Ben Kong
                     Aniwaa Owusu-obeng
                     Chakradhara Rao Uppugunduri Satyanarayana
                     Amit Mitra

Communications Committee

Mission Statement: To increase the visibility and growth of the PGRN in the scientific and medical communities, through social media and media sharing networks, blogs, and other potential networking opportunities.

Chair:         Sook Wah Yee

Co-Chair:   Mohamed Shahin

Members:  Meghan Arwood
                    Chiara Fabbri
                    Assaf Gottlieb
                    Ben Kong
                   Sony Tuteja

Early Career Committee

Mission Statement: To facilitate engagement and visibility of trainees and early career scientists in the field of pharmacogenomics and to develop programs that will enhance the careers of these trainees and early career scientists.

Chair:               Jason Karnes

Co-Chair:         Aniwaa Owusu Obeng

Members:       Chad Bousman
                          Katelyn Neely
                          Kenneth Thummel
                          Heidi Steiner
                          Sally Luvsantseren
                          Taichi Ochi

Education Committee

Mission Statement: The education committee will develop PGRN educational programs and content focused on research and clinical implementation of PGx for trainees, researchers, practitioners and the public.

Chair:               Kelly Caudle

Co-Chair:         Laura Ramsey

Members:       Billy Murphy
                         Ben Kong
                         Jill Bates
                         Chakradhara Uppugunduri

                         Axel Baez-Torres

Emily Cicali

                         Kevin Hicks
                         David Kisor

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