The “Pharmacogenetics in Psychiatry Interest Group (PPIG)” has evolved as a sub-group with support from the Pharmacogenomic Global Research Network (PGRN) leadership. Established in March 2021, the PPIG meets every two months and aims to bring together scientists from all over the world, working in academia and industry, interested in the exciting and emerging field of Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics. 

Through our virtual meetings, we will discuss and disseminate ongoing and prospective research related to the implementation of PGx into the psychiatric clinical practice, including cost reimbursement and electronic health record opportunities. Given the diverse nature of our group, researchers have the opportunity to drive different healthcare systems and regimes, learn, adopt strategies that fit their organizations and be better prepared to act as implementers. Moreover, group members will actively engage in networking and assist early career researchers in their career planning and facilitate contacts to senior researchers in Psychiatric PGx. Educational and knowledge translation activities are organized in conjunction with PGRN and linked to larger conferences where in-person meetings are organized. The group is committed to promoting and addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion in research and clinical practice. As the group evolves, we will seek publication and funding opportunities to achieve maximum output through joint efforts. To serve our purpose, we welcome new members and volunteers from across the globe to join our meetings, especially from developing countries, and help in the organization and curation of our group efforts.

Daniel Mueller

Thursday, Sept 23 - 10:00-12:00 PST / 1:00-3:00 EST

We are delighted to present the following speakers [presentation titles might differ] at the next Psychiatry SIG meeting.
Each presentation will allow ample time of discussion.

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